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Halo halo: the best Filipino dessert recipe


This is one of my preferred mid year youth treats. While I was brought up in Southern California, I burned through the entirety of my youth summers in the Philippines.

This beautiful layered sweet is called radiance corona. Radiance corona in Tagalog means “blend.”

Radiance corona is the ideal formula to share for the present occasion. It exhibits how totally unique (and at times arbitrary) fixings can meet up to make something delicious and magnificent!

Here are probably the most widely recognized radiance corona fixings that are utilized:

  • squashed or shaved ice
  • milk (crisp or vanished)
  • sugar, if necessary
  • improved saba or plantain bananas
  • improved sweet potatoes
  • crisp or improved langka (jack organic product)
  • improved garbanzos or beans
  • coconut strips or improved macapuno
  • improved red munggo
  • nata de coco (coconut gel)
  • sago or custard pearls or jam cut into 3D squares
  • pinipig
  • leche flan (besting)
  • ube jam or ube frozen yogurt (beating)


  1. Refrigerate pandan jam for as long as about fourteen days. Stop yam dessert for as long as multi month. Start this formula daily ahead.
  2. Solidifying time medium-term
  3. Chilling time 4 hours
  4. To make frozen yogurt, join sugar, drain and cream in a dish over medium warmth. Cook, mixing, until sugar disintegrates. Include yam and cook, blending, for 20 minutes or until smooth.
  5. Strain through a fine sifter, squeezing to extricate fluid. Dispose of solids. Spread surface with cling wrap, cool, at that point chill for 45 minutes or until cold.
  6. Beat in a dessert creator until solidified. Move to a hermetically sealed holder and spread with saran wrap. Stop medium-term or until firm. Makes 1 liter.
  7. To cause flan, to preheat stove to 160°C. Spot sugar and 60 ml water in a little pan over low warmth. Cook, blending, to disintegrate sugar. Increment warmth to medium, bring to the bubble and cook, without mixing, for 10 minutes or until syrup is dull brilliant and arrives at 175°C on a sugar thermometer.
  8. Fill a lubed round 1.5 liter ovenproof dish and tilt rapidly to cover uniformly with caramel. Spot in a profound cooking container. Cool caramel.                                                                                                            
  9. In the interim, place remaining fixings in a bowl and daintily rush until simply joined, taking consideration not to circulate air through the blend. Pour this custard blend over the caramel. Fill simmering container with enough bubbling water to arrive at most of the way up the side of the custard dish.
  10. Spread firmly with thwart and heat for 50 minutes or until custard is set yet at the same time somewhat unbalanced. Cautiously expel dish from water shower and cool. Refrigerate until cold.
  11. To make jam, dissipate gelatine more than 100 ml bubbling water in a container. Rush with a fork until broke down. Spot sugar and 400 ml water in a little pan over medium warmth. Cook mixing, until sugar breaks up. Expel from heat.
  12. Include pandan enhancing and gelatine blend. Strain. Oil and fix a portion dish with heating paper, broadening paper past the edge of the container. Empty jam blend into dish and refrigerate for 4 hours or until set. Expel from container and cut into 1 cm shapes. Refrigerate until required. Makes 500 ml.
  13. Consolidate bananas, jackfruit, beans, nata de coco, palm seeds and the pandan jam. Slash the flan into solid shapes and partition among glasses with the organic product blend. Top each glass with 3 scoops yam frozen yogurt, ⅓ cup squashed ice, some dissipated milk and a cherry, to serve.


• Bananas in syrup are from Filipino nourishment shops; substitute ready banana. Jackfruit, sweet white beans, nata de coco (aged coconut water jam), sugar palm seeds, ube halaya and pandan enhancing are accessible from Asian nourishment shops. Jackfruit is accessible new or canned. Use either for this formula.

Enjoy the Delicious food!

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